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Being a creative person, I wear a number of hats; meaning I have several businesses. Here are the links to them, starting with the main one.


Being in Awareness

Are you looking for a life coach that has an ‘out of the box’ way of looking at issues? Are you interested in zeroing in on the actual issues, not the perceived ones and, as a result, create the change you are looking for effectively and with relative ease? Then check out what Being in Awareness has to offer.



For many years, I have focused solely on fine art photography and developed a way to use the multiple exposure capacity of my camera to create unique, mandala like images in camera. Have a look at the images.

Many of my landscape and wildlife images are on my Flickr site. Enjoy the albums there.

All images are available for purchase


Being You Portraits is the site that hosts samples of my portrait photography.


Stoeffl Digital Art

I discovered so much joy in playing with apps. On this site, I have a collection photos that I altered through the use of apps. They are ideal as backgrounds for quote graphics. Over time, I will add more images.


Corinna’s Designs

Are you looking for unusual clothing? (see image at top of page) I was invited to join VIDA and use my images to create tops, scarves, wraps and bags. Have a look and enjoy the designs; or get yourself something to wear that no one else has.


Skin Care Technology

A revolutionary product that uses a breathable barrier to undo the effects of aging. It came out of medical research. I ask you that you contact me if you desire to become a customer so I can explain the various ways in which the products can be used, how they complement each other and give you the link where you can set up your own customer account.

There is also the possibility to become a distributor if you desire to create a rewarding business with these incredible products.